Katie Edwards

Production Artist

Day Trips in Orlando: Trip #2 Lakeland


Trip #2 we decided not to stray too far from home and checked out the historical district in Lakeland. We came across a lot of antique shops. In one of the shops specifically, they had these very creepy dolls displayed in a way as if to be hidden around every corner. Lets just say we didn’t spend much of our time in there. There was incredible signage throughout the town, one of them being an old Arby’s sign shown here. It may not seem like much but there are these little gems hidden all over Florida.


Day Trips from Orlando

So I’ve lived in Orlando basically my entire life, but I realized that even with living here for so long I really haven’t made the effort to go out and see the rest of Florida. There are all these hidden sites and small quaint towns that I would have never known about without the help of this book I came across called Day Trips from Orlando. 


Day 1: DeLand, FL

DeLand was the first stop in the book of adventures. My first thing I thought was, “What is there to do in DeLand?” Little did I know there are so many old authentic buildings that make for great compositions. Two of my favorite stops were an old Pharmacy sign and an old movie theater in the downtown area.

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About Katie

If there’s one thing you learn about Katie, it’s that she doesn’t realize just how incredibly talented she is. (No, really. She’s, like, pretty clueless.) Still, it works out for us as we love having her talent and creativity within our walls, and on our walls. No lie — you often see Katie’s hand lettering showcased in a client piece or our own &Barr posters. As well as stellar drawing skills, Katie’s got mad computer creds that she taps for a variety of clients, like Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Rosen Hotels & Resorts and others. When not helping to make &Barr look good, Katie can be found screen printing at Native Screen Print Co. or creating new illustrations for Monster Ink Co., a small company she co-founded that incorporates her love for Halloween and classic movie monsters. Entrepreneur much? So, while she may look like she’s your typical artistic genius, you’ll soon discover she’s actually a super savvy, monster-loving artistic goddess.